What we do

The Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation was established on 14 December 2021 with the aim to work with poor and marginalized communities in Ramechhap District, empowering them to meet their basic needs and improve their livelihoods. The foundation also aims to provide quality education to marginalized children, reduce school dropout rates in the early grades, lobby for and create awareness of better health facilities, promote access to clean and safe drinking water, raise awareness of climate change and environmental protection, and promote good governance.

Sustainable Agriculture and Livelihood

Agriculture provides employment opportunities to 66% of the total population in Nepal and contributes the highest percentage, about 36%, to the national GDP. Most agricultural practices in Nepal are subsistence-based. Nepal’s agriculture is yet to move towards commercialization. Therefore, the overall development of the agriculture sector is key to the development of the nation and its economy. With the aim of creating better livelihood opportunities in the agriculture sector, the foundation aims to work with different groups and individuals, focusing on a market-based approach to increase the incomes of poor and vulnerable communities through the promotion of commercial agricultural production.


Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation has been working with international donors and local government schools in the Ramechhap district with the aim of promoting modern education facilities, such as providing computers, internet connections, and projectors at the school level. Additionally, with financial assistance from international donor agencies, the foundation is working to improve existing infrastructure such as kitchens, toilets, and playgrounds. Furthermore, the foundation is providing scholarships to selected students from poor, marginalized, and vulnerable communities to provide access to quality education for children from those communities.

Water, Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

Nepal is the second richest country in the world in terms of water resources. However, the majority of the rural population in Nepal does not have access to clean, safe, and sanitized water, leading to different health and sanitation problems in the daily lives of rural households.
Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation is coordinating and cooperating with different local levels and donor agencies to facilitate the process of building water collection tanks and distribution lines. The foundation is also aiming to promote improved WASH programs in the targeted communities of Ramechhap district, as well as in Nepal in general.
Additionally, the foundation is also coordinating, facilitating, and creating awareness of better health facilities among rural populations. Promotion of nutritional habits among targeted communities will be another major priority of the foundation.

Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction

Floods and landslides are major destructive forces of nature that pose significant challenges to the different communities of Nepal. Erosion of agricultural lands and human settlements is a major concern for governmental and non-governmental agencies in Nepal. To combat these climatic challenges, the Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation is committed to creating awareness among the different communities and concerned authorities and promoting plantation to protect the environment and biodiversity. The foundation plans to conduct a series of awareness programs at the community and school levels and stakeholder discussion/interaction meetings to raise awareness about climate change, environmental protection, and disaster risk reduction. At the same time, the foundation will organize different programs at the school level, such as quiz and rhetoric competitions, on different national and international occasions.

Gender Equality and Social Inclusion

Nepal is one of the developing countries in the world. It is a patriarchal, unequal, and fragmented society with more than 100 different social groups based on caste, ethnicity, religion, and language. Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation has set the aim to work with a diverse group of people, advocate for them, and empower them to have better access to social, economic, political, and other opportunities.

Our Pojects

At present, Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation is implementing small-scale projects in partnership with Hilfe Fur Ramechhap eV. from Germany, as well as utilizing its own internal funding. These projects are being carried out at both the school and community levels within Ramechhap District.


The Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation is dedicated to enhancing education in Ramechhap District in collaboration with its German partner Hilfe fur Ramechhap e.V. Among these initiatives is the Day Meal Project (DMP), which provides warm meals to students, diminishing dropout rates and promoting nutrition. The Foundation's digital education efforts include equipping with computers, internet, and a projector for interactive teaching. The foundation has arranged an English and Computer teacher, enhancing education quality and digital literacy. Supplementing the curriculum, the Foundation distributed materials like sports equipment and artistic tools, fostering holistic development. During the pandemic, the Foundation provided face masks and warm socks to protect student well-being. Infrastructure improvements were achieved by the Foundation, including a kitchen construction project funded by Schöck Foundation, Deutsche Bahn Stiftung and Hilfe fur Ramechhap e.V. This extended to water facilities and hand washing stations for a healthier learning environment. Furthering its mission, the Foundation in collaboration with its major partner Hilfe fur Ramechhap e.V. has established a reading library at schools, encouraging educational exploration. A vital endeavor is the Dip Bahadur Karki Scholarship Scheme, supporting economically challenged students at Shree Gaurishankar Secondary School from grades 4 to 12. This program reflects the Foundation's commitment to education access and fostering brighter futures for both students and communities.


The Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation is actively engaged in collaborative agricultural projects in collaboration with the community, farmers, government agencies and donors. A significant initiative is the Sweet Orange Garden Extension Program (SOGEP), which aligns with the government's focus on enhancing Sweet Orange production in Ramechhap. This is the major program that the foundation has in pipeline. This program, is planning to take place in partnership with the community and donors, aims to boost improved sweet orange cultivation, quality production, and marketing. The project is anticipated to benefit smallholder, marginalized, poor, and women farmers from Sukajor village. Through this project, the Foundation aiming to offer comprehensive support, including training in modern farming techniques, seedling distribution, access to irrigation facilities, post-harvest losses management and market connection. In this project, the foundation is planning to work with the private sectors offering services to farmers for the market connection, and post-harvest management via introduction of post-harvest management tools and techniques. Through SOGEP, the project not only elevates the economic status of the community but also contributes to government objectives for recognizing the district at a super zone for sweet orange production. Moreover, the Foundation will also carry out "Organic Farming Training" in Ramechhap Municipality-7, Sukajor, aiming to promote organic farming and tackle local farming challenges, use locally available tools and techniques to tackle different problems of farmers engaged in sweet orange production. The Foundation also proactively addresses farming-related issues such as Fall Armyworm infestations and challenges in corn farming, working closely with donors and stakeholders to distribute insect control remedies for these problems.

Water, Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

In Ramechhap Municipality, the foundation has been actively advancing initiatives in health, nutrition, and sanitation. The primary objective is to enhance access to safe and clean drinking water for the municipality's residents. To realize this goal, the foundation has been in continuous communication to secure the financial support from German donors and collaborates closely with local, provincial, and federal governmental bodies, as well as concerned stakeholders. The foundation's partnership with Hilfe fur Ramechhap e.V., its German counterpart, has been instrumental in acquiring funds to construct vital water taps, addressing the needs of those in Sukajor. In alignment with Ramechhap Municipality-7 ongoing water project, the foundation is working hand in hand with the ward office to establish a pump house. This concerted effort involves coordination with various stakeholders within the village, ensuring a comprehensive and cooperative approach to water infrastructure development.