Water, Health, Nutrition and Sanitation

Access to Safe and Clean Drinking Water

The foundation was established with the goal of collaborating with local, provincial, and federal government bodies, concerned stakeholders, and donor agencies to improve access to safe and clean drinking water for the citizens of Ramechhap Municipality. To achieve this aim, the foundation received financial assistance from various donors in Germany, and it is coordinating with the Ramechhap Municipality-7, Sukajor ward office, to construct a pump house in the ongoing water project of the ward office. The foundation has also partnered with its German counterpart, Hilfe fur Ramechhap e.V., to arrange the necessary financial support to construct water taps for the people in need in Sukajor. The construction of the pump house and water taps will be carried out by the foundation in coordination with the ward office and all the stakeholders in the village.