Commercial Sweet Orange Promotion

Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation, with the aim of contributing to the government’s priority area of Sweet Orange production in Ramechhap, has been implementing the Sweet Orange Garden Extension Program (SOGEP) in collaboration with the community and other donor agencies. The project not only focuses on increasing the production and marketing of sweet orange but also targets smallholder, poor, marginalized and women farmers of Sukajor village. The Foundation has been providing different technical and financial support such as training on modern farming techniques, seedlings distribution, access to credit, and marketing linkage to ensure the success of the project. The project not only uplifts the economic condition of the targeted community but also contributes to the overall development of the region. Additionally, the Foundation has also been organizing “Organic Farming Training” for farmers in Ramechhap Municipality-7, Sukajor. The aim of this training is to promote organic farming and to address the problems faced by farmers by utilizing locally available materials.

Combating Farming Related Problems

Shree Dip Bahadur Karki Memorial Foundation has been tirelessly working to address various issues faced by the villagers and farmers of Sukajor over time. We are continuously coordinating with donors and other stakeholders to tackle problems such as the Fall Armyworm infestation in maize crops and issues in sweet orange production. As part of our efforts, we have distributed insect control medicine at different times to combat these issues.